Break Up Your Breaks

What to do over your four day weekend? Take a peek at a few ideas.

Zyara Morton, Staff Writer

So its the middle of winter and you have a four day weekend … now what?

Do we stay inside all day?

Do we sleep all weekend? (maybe …)

Do we stress over first semester grades and SATs/ACTs?

The answer is NO.

Believe it or not, there are many fun activities you can immerse yourself in over the upcoming long weekend and throughout the winter.

For example, do you love the snow? If so, go grab a sled and some snow boots and go sledding! There are various small hills around Yorkville so that you can get your sled on! Just make sure the neighborhoods or places you are going to allow it!

Not an outdoors person? Okay cool, nothing beats making a good old Gingerbread House. These are super affordable and also a great way to spend your free time making. Just one quick trip to Michaels or Target or even Walmart, and you should be set.

Like traveling about, but not necessarily getting out of your car? Sight seeing of lights is always a good way to spend your time. Driving throughout neighborhoods in Yorkville during the winter season can really BRIGHTEN your mood, especially if you can find houses that still have Christmas lights up.

More of an active person? Check out the outdoor skating rink in Oswego and play a game of pick-up hockey!

Whatever you do over your long weekend, be sure to make the most of it.