Weather Report — November 19-23

Weather for Thanksgiving will be in the mid-thirties.

Zoe Ellis, Staff Writer

For today’s forecast, it’ll be mostly clear in the early hours of the morning and the highs will be in the early twenties while the lows will be around the mid-teens, so I’d bundle up for the weather. Dew point will be low, around thirteen degrees Farenheit in the morning, with a steady rise up until the late afternoon. Humidity will be pretty high, around seventy to eighty percent, but it’ll drop around the afternoon so don’t worry about being too grossed out. The pressure will stay around 30 inches for the day, and winds will start out slow early on and increase in speed in the morning.

The weekly forecast will be pretty average this week, with high temperatures averaging at about the mid thirties and ramping up to the forties near Thursday and Friday going into the weekend. Lows will be in the twenties and rise up to the thirties with the rise in high temperatures near the end of the week. It will start out pretty cloudy near the beginning of the week and get sunnier and clearer by Thursday, and then on Friday there will be some PM showers so be prepared for that. Barometric pressure will stay in the thirties, taking a bit of a decline into Friday, and will stay lower throughout the weekend. Finally, prepare for winds ranging from four miles per hour to around eight or nine miles per hour, and then finally ten mile winds on Friday as the rain comes in, but otherwise expect a fairly decent week of weather ahead. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!