Mike & Denise’s Review

Spencer Trevizo, Staff Writer

Mike and Denise’s is a small bar and grill and a fun place to watch sports and eat good pizza. I went on a Friday and there wasn’t an empty seat to be had. Luckily my family had been there for a while to watch the Blackhawks game.

One of the first things that was noticeable was the service. Within minutes of sitting the waitress was there to offer drinks and appetizers. She was present throughout the mean but not enough to be overbearing. Even during a busy night they seemed well staffed and it didn’t feel chaotic.

For our appetizer we ordered their Osh Kosh Cubes, which were cubed of wisconsin white cheddar cheese  which were battered and fried. They were very good and not overly filling. They came out hot and were served with ranch dressing.

For our entree we ordered two pizzas: my usual with pepperoni, bacon, and garlic, and a margarita pizza which had tomato slices, mozzarella, basil, and olive oil. We also ordered the margarita pizza with double dough.

Usually I would avoid something like the margarita pizza but the time I actually tried it. It was delicious and I was very surprised by that.  The double dough definitely improved it and made it more filling than usual. The combination of ingredients worked well together and it was my favorite dish of the night.

The other pizza was amazing as well, it was covered in toppings and every bite was filled with flavor. It was much better than some of the other places I’ve had in Yorkville and it left us satisfied.

The only con I found while at Mike and Denise’s was that they don’t deliver their pizza. They have a carryout option but sometimes delivery is more convenient depending on the day.

Overall, Mike and Denise’s blew my away. I was expecting typical bar food and was surprised with amazing pizza that left me excited to go again.