Inked Up

Luke Schoenfielder, Editor-in-Chief

Some artist express their skill through music, some through writing on canvas, and some even through drawing on the human skin. The coolest part of tattoo art is being able to hear from the Canvas. Senior Football player and student Alex Johnson was one of the first people in his class to get a tattoo done, a large piece covering most of his bicep consisting of a cross as well as the names of his family members is definitely a stand out piece in the hallway.

“It’s basically just all my family being part of my body and a big part of my life.” Says Johnson when asked about the meaning of his ink. My dad’s best friend came over and did mine since he was a tattoo artist I was only 17 at the time so I couldn’t go to a tattoo shop. If someone really wanted to go to him I would really suggest it.”

Johnson loves the way the art looks and the meaning behind it but he isn’t afraid to admit he would definitely like to see a little add to his tattoo.

“Actually I’m planning to add some wings to it… spice it up and add a little more symbolism to it.”


Johnson is someone at Yorkville High School who takes a lot of pride in details both on the field and off the field. He was not shy talking about the favorite piece of his tattoo,

“I’d definitely say the rosary that wraps around everything. It just kinda symbolizes everybody together.”

And one can be certain of one thing this is not the last time the senior will have a needle on his skin

“I actually have a bunch of designs that I have in mind, I plan to go to a bunch of different places to test out the waters”

If you really wanna hear about the art piece all it takes is one question Johnson is never scared to talk about tattoo’s and has a lot of small but interesting information about his.