The Things We Do For Love

Savannah Johnson

Usually when thinking about things that could go wrong when asking someone to Homecoming, we think of typical situations of them saying ‘No’, not damage to our electronics.  Junior Brady Fisher had thought of the perfect idea to ask his girlfriend to Homecoming. He was in the middle of filling his trunk with balloons, and they take up a surprising amount of room, so he took his backpack out of his trunk to fit all the balloons. Not a bad idea – except for the fact that he forgot to put it back into his car. “I put the backpack behind my car and loaded up all the balloons,” says Fisher, “and I had to hurry up to get to her house, and I just backed right over it.” While a car would only make papers and books flatter, Chromebooks probably shouldn’t get much flatter than they already are. Having a couple thousand pounds of steel put on a Chromebook is beyond the fixing powers of the Geek Squad.

At least she said yes!